Statisties in eonjunctdon with general impressions, accomulated now

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preoccupations, obsessions, morbid ideas; and this can be done evea

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dence, on account of the cold, dry wind coming down from the high

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a half or three-quarters of an hour. Even then, for the full protection of the

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lobar pneumonia we may use mild expectorants, in i^ite of a typhoid

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spasm raised her off her seat, and was accompanied with a peculiar spas-

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in the lung of the coal-miner, are found to communicate with similar

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the instruction in medicine even yet more effective.

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lation ; resection of the osseous extremities which formerly constituted the joint.

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a different interpretation from the author, but all will appreciate the

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for they are especially susceptible to acidosis." . . .

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of the four cases of Schnitzler or Solis Cohen was there an autopsy made. It is

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greater part of the umbilical cord descended into the vagina, and in conse^

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treatment of this disease in the last few years, that, of the many plans of

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whole extremity. In the evening Dover's powder was given. The next day

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and fourteen, may with reason be thought to have been the resultants of

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The bloodvessels are numerous, the arteries for the most part being con-

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condition might show relaxation of all joints, but especially, and in great degree,

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although charcoal undoubtedly aWrbs gas easily, it loses this power

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lutely necessary, to send the patient to a southern, inland climate, pro-

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The author prefers the powder or extract, preferably by the mouth,

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" 1st. In studying the influence of the seasons on mortality in Belgium,

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carbohydrate, fasting should be practised one day in seven; when the

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comfort, and he has continued their use for more than seventeen years.

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tion to be found in special works upon hygiene and sanitary science.

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White, Dislocation of Tendon of Biceps Muscle. [Jan.

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the sixth day, caused by the patient getting up and sitting upon the commode.

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noticeably increased in thickness, as are also the media and endothelial lining.

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was neglected of giving potent aid by pronounced declarations in favour of

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principally those of abduction ; forearm flexed upon the arm, and consequent