in high mountain stations than in the large Southern resorts witii aD

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one is substituted, and the body is rubbed as before. The whole pro-

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capacious mind enabled him to increase his stores of useful knowledge; his

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and milk ordered for elbow and arm. Treatment continued, but warm

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changed ; but, after the most prolonged examination with careful and con-

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Mr. Thomas Callaway (A Dissertation on Dislocation and Fracture of

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to have penetrated and eroded the skull. After the operation the patient re-

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escaping through a narrow orifice ;" three weeks later the tumour was reduced to

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its expulsion while still in this conditicm a powerful cathartic should be

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depends npon the quantity and strength of the poison that has mtmi.

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sion will go far to strengthen its favourable reputation. The book has been

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as a substitute, is used in the following way: One teaspoonful of the

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2. Hand-Book for Hospitals. Issued by State Charities Aid Associa-

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Sig. — 1 teaspoonful 8 times a day, inereased to 9 timea a. day*

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surgery. It may be presumed, however, that in future campaigns results may

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There is but one matter to regret in connection with the publication

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bronchial catarrh." " Suffering severely from bronchitis." " Very un-

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Csiz (Upper Hungary), Darkau (Silesia), Toelz Sanatorium (Upper Ba-

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Shirley Deakin, F.R.C.S. Eng., Indian Medical Department . . 436

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greenish colour, and left deep ulcers after their removal. The heart affection

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hot air-baths in a woman recently under his care, but at first no sweating took

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rotation of the humerus inward, which occurred to such an extent as" to

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plorer, mentions that a wound from a lion's tooth is generally followed by

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therapeutics of this disease: We must place our chief reliance upon diet

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We would call especial attention to the illustrations. To any one pur-

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third case the cervix and the isthmus were destroyed, and the recto-peritoneal

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Autopsy in 5 hours. Navel healthy. Lungs highly congested. Pia

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febrin, phenacetin, or lactophenin. It is best to give tiiem 2-3 Itoias

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