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this peculiar trait remained for some time. At the present time, February,
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fection, the absence of severe angina, the appearance of the disease within
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fice sectional jealousy to the philanthropic cause of public hygiene, should
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most only distressing. The dangers associated with the
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district in which he conducts the general practice.
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presented evident marks of degeneration. To explain the absence of adherences
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a hi^ fever is responsible for the loss of appetite, we must endeavor to
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attendants, and especial care should be taken that the child has a soft
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where the pain hinders tiie respiration. Hot baths are also nsefoL
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peculiarities, and not only so, but these vices of conformation are some-
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leading facts about the diseases of the human family, their causes and
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mena are in most instances the same, and that the multiform related symp-
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ever circumstance it ought to be ascribed, that such cases scarcely ever pre-
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been to the progress of medicine, and he is an ardent believer in the
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it such an extreme ansemia that the life of the patient is threatened, we
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of the teeth, and to avoid drinking too large quantises of fluid.
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but its effect is much less than that of the salicylates.
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mneh that he can that I am satisfied his nutrition will not suffer. When
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cheek intestinal activity. If one wii^es to minimize this last etted, he
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1884.] Transactions of the American Gynecological Society. 483
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ment of aneurism assumed by modern pathologists ? These are questions
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relieve the meteorism; e.g., the use of salicylate of physostigmine
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LcL the inhalation of oxygen are indicated^ while venesection will f re-
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menced only on " the first appearance of generalized syphilis," and that
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The disease is a comparatively rare one in this country, and therefore its
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parison of various salts of the same or nearly allied alkaloids on the pro-
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pleurisy may have so weakened the heart that it is incapable of perfona-
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In the beginning of April the dorsal surfaces of the end phalanges and the pulps
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also lead to arrested development of higher forms of organized tissue, and that