longitudinal sinus. The pia was congested. A tumour 6 cm. thick and 15 cm.

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natural to suppose that the patient remembering what must have been a

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arbon -dioxide, and all the sharper condiments. [Bismuth diould be

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it no external marks of violence. It is fair to presume that this serpent

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and the general principles of treatment are more nearly the same. So far

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a sanatorium or not, one of the first indications is to eradicate whatever

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ably a local anaesthetic), or diver nitrate are also used. In cardialgia

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strengthen the position taken in the article referred to.

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whooping-cough. It is easily decomposed. Gangfaof er prescribes it in

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Although it 18 far from achie?ing the results we denie, tlie BppMe^

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ionally, and then pushed farther in. In this way many parts of the

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even in cases where the operation has not been followed by the application of

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use of either cold baths or cold packs are : intestinal hemorrhages, perfon-

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and administer with it small doses of thyroid extract. Beebe has recently

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thirty-five that lived to a period to render their expectancy of life equal

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into the effects of ergot in parturition ; its failure to excite proper uterine

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Sulphur Springs of Virginia. Possessing a delightful climate, a water

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than in surgically treated cases; and, finally, that, as the late Professor

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water as a suspension like the bismuth [or 5 to 7 grains 6 to 8 timea a

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Malt extract may also be given, with or without the addition of milk

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simply a diminution in the degree of visual power ; and in one of these

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the dark. A fresh ampule should be opened for each day's use. Anj

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been ejected, when it suddenly ceased ; and after this he was very weak, faint,

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