sions ceased, and the face and neck gradually resumed a natural tinge.
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an acceptable excuse for self-indulgence, cannot now be determined, but
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hours). Its effect is doubtless due to its causing intense hyi)enemia,
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snap or bite at any thing within her reach; and they who were about her
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relief, because, as I found out later, the fluid required for an exit a per-
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can be extracted after the manner of ptomaines. The gastro-intestinal irritation
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Mineral Waters. — Por' mineral waters we may use the cold alkaline-
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In the discussion of the paper, Dr. Goodell stated his preference for
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(4 gr.) of the drug in a patient sixty years dd. Of the other antipyietia
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has included the treatment of so-called infectious arthritis in this chapter
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bloody, frothy mucus in the bronchial tubes and pulmonary air-cells,
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448). There is no need, however, of cutting down the amount of not
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upward, and turning its ulnar border strongly in the same direction, or,
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be detoxicated by splitting, by neutralization, oxidation, reduction, etc
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trary, it glides smoothly over, and falls on to the parietal. The proof will be
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due to fermentation, it is different from invertine, which does not act on mal-
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[Pfahler and Thrush, Pancoast, Scott, and C. H. Mayo have noted a fa^
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Dr. Weitz reports the case of a young man, aet. 26 years, who came under
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that a milk diet increases the chances of a secondary moatfa infedioBiiDh
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shdtered and probably the warmest of the list. The soil is sandy. The
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outer branch of the lower temporal artery, there was a small absorbing
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purposeful attitude toward life, with, if possible, the stimulation of a
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In the treatment of ganglia the seton is declared to be " entitled to most
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ture very decidedly, but it quickly rose again. The salicylate of soda
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he speaks of its undeniable antiquity, as compared with the comparatively
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arthritic individuals in whom the slightest action of cdd <m the hjt^
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The present annual report is as favourable to the administration, medical
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unreasonable to continue to amputate the thigh in cases where resection is appli-
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was extending along the leg. On the trunk it was deeper in colour than
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troubles were in close connection with the cardiac function was shown by
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cases, in order to prevent the spread of contagion, is shown by the much