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In hystero-neurasthenia valerian is often advantageously combined with
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transitory. One L. (1 qt) (250 c.c. (^ pt) every 3 hours) of a 0.60 per
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hence modi of tiie value of this restriction. FOTchheimer allows only
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paralysis." Tenotomy is strongly favoured, it being asked " why take
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•hot compresses, a hot covot, plate or brick wrapped in a doth, or tlK so-
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length of time. Then, without any apparent cause, the right leg began
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eggs were or were not advisable for a person with chronic Bright 's dis-
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Mr. W. Morrant Baker read a paper on this subject at the fifty-first annual
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We do not like to use the drug after the third week has begun, because the
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ist rather than to that of the general practitioner. But as too little atten-
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sided. She could now bear the full glare of the candle, and motion through
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matter into the peritoneal cavity. But for the size of the cervix in labour,
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afterwards boric vaseline introduced. The nasal obstruction may be
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oonditiim, every diabetic patiient should have impreraed upon him from
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ing my opinion of the result of her case. I told her that her disease was one
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the importance set upon preserving the integrity of this sheath, by Mr.
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not cause the deposition of a large amount of fat within the body. Not so
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difference in the power of the sense on the two sides, which I confirmed
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with a recovery." Dr. Evory Kennedy, during his mastership of the
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Ssrmptoinatic Therapy. — ^In both acute and chronic dysentery, we
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one of no little interest. " Instruments of precision," as they are often
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made by stirring up the same quantity with water directly beftnre takisf
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be confirmed by the reports of dissections in which dislocation of the ten-
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ment for them all, nevertheless a comparison between the late lemto^