is of distinct advantage in practice and in inoculations ux>on a large scale.

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When the predecessors of this volume were issued, we spoke of the

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before meals. This water is almost tdways agreeable to the patient aod

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ments .... which have by long practice become automatic ; so that

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cover-glass preparation and also after incubation of the culture medium.

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allowed to flow through the tubes. The application is generally left ob

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mucus from the stomach and enter into combination with the organic

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sequences (the author finds that hard chancre in its initial stage is frequently

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Case XXI. — Snell observed a case 3 of hysterical ptosis in a girl twelve years

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orbits. On the fifth day, after the general symptoms had abated, chemosis

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the patient, but their fmit sugar (levnlose) , when oxidised in the body,

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The treatment by warmth and eserine is very easily carried out. The patient

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1 Formerly named ascending frontal and ascending parietal convolutions.

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wool selected as being the nearest match to the rose tint ; whist letter q

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of the exudate remaining in the lung, 10-20 drops of oil of turpentine

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Substitution of Other Carbohydrates. — To decide how much of other

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when first presented in a verbal communication before the Philadelphia

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with a towel. The amount of oil may be increased a drop a day until it

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sician to the British Lying-in Hospital. In one handsome octavo volume of 576 pages, with 148

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that the cimnula is replaced by one or two aspirating needles, sloped off

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the nervous symptoms (palpitation, tremor, nervousness, and especially

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3tomach^-can be decided best by contrasting the diseases of the stomach

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pulse imperceptible ; dulness not increased ; sounds feeble, unattended

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Medecine de Paris, etc. Tome I. 8vo. pp. 844. Paris, Bailliere et Fils,