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the use of chlorine gas. After the use of this gas, the various articles should be
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Clinical Ophthalmology and Otology in the University of Georgetown, and
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in them. Special types of massage for individual symptoms, such as
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to the increased determination of blood to the part. His conclusions upon
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septicaemia, and but one vibrion was the cause of both septicaemia and
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I found her emaciated and feeble, unable to stand, fretful, but appa-
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1884.] Mackenzie, Irritation of the Sexual Apparatus. 363
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well marked ulcerative endocarditis. Spleen normal in size and con-
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younger. This paper of Mr. Morris ends as follows : —
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In a review of the American medical literature of the past twenty -five
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twelve hours after the first, he was able to raise his arm freely to his head.
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hopogan or biogen in i>owder8 or tablets of 0.25-4.5 O. (4-7 gr.) sfier
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ladonna. Codein is less effective and less dangerous. The author gives
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ference in strictly local questions as presumptuous and unwise, and as
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MEDICAL COLLEGE throughout the year by Members of the Faculty, and by the Hos-
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mixture of all of these or of mmilar plants of the nightshade family.
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of reaction which is seen after large injections of vaccines, which re-
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medication. For 4-4 weeks, alkaline-saline mineral waters may be taken
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alkaloid, strychnine, is particularly useful in neurasthenics with atonic
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The apprehension of septic infection could not be dismissed after the