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rebellion against the traditional usage of the past, are questions eagerly
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above described are of a connective tissue type, yet their pseudo-stomatous
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coated with the caustic; he then made one, two, or three punctures, accord-
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Fields of vision were now accurately taken : 3 That of the right eye for
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some single joint remains affected after the rest of the body has been
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at the patient's home, or in an institution. No patient should be so
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so at the periphery : The patient persisted that the colour became a
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nerves to direct vital operation." Among my own endeavours to ascer-
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class as have a taste for flowers, may, in the proper season, be occasionally
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first, of those of porrigo favosa : the favous pustule is formed by the deposition
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in an enema or suppository). The dose will sometimes need to be re-
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and consider him not merely as the practitioner, but as aiming at the exten-
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of observation, and aimed only at the production of benign forms of the
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the disorders mentioned. In the first place, without attempting to treat
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the action of reptile venom, and it may be proper in connection with the
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crobe is " exceedingly agile, rises, descends, and pirouettes on itself."
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improbable that these waters have any direct advent action upon the
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Society of London. Vols. LXV., LXVI. Loudon: Longman, Green, Beader & Dyer,
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trophic paralysis is the same as that of the muscles of the thenar eminence or of
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some other cathartic. A combination which he often uses, but which may
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only four showed no effects after injection into the blood of from 0.5 to 1 cubic
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articular, included by the author under the heading ''chronic rheuma-
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presence of general symptoms of cerebral disease and of mental disturbance,
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Two other small areas of softening were found in the right hemisphere : one in the
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on the affected nerves. That such a local action exists there could be no