The same rituation exists in the use of vaccines as a prophylactic iiie«-
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infection, and the tubercular nodules to which it gives rise are found
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brought up smoothly around his body and a layer tud[ed between lay
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appears to be an added danger rather than a means of relief.
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became entirely blind. He then began to show an inability to fix his attention,
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extractives. Dish-gravy must be entirely avoided, as it contains the
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sequences. From a review of the history of this patient's case, therefore,
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piece of rubber tubing with a clamp suffices for closing. The rubber
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We can no longer believe that the most nourishing diet demands an
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Report of the Massachusetts School for the Feeble Minded, at South Boston, for the
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able dread of a fluid. She put the cup to her lips — and at once the horrors
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leges. The study of biology offers an especially favorable field for a
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Ztsch. fur Heilk. 1881-1883. Vetter, Deut. Arch. f. klin. Med. 1883, 3 und 4.
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external carotid artery is comparatively small, it is more likely that the
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minate. The child lost the power of locomotion, but whether from dimin-
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one, " an examination of the muscles of the eyes showed on the left
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shut out from the circulation without injury to the rest, we see that genu-
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Qdarto, pp. 28 ; tables viii. London : J. & A. Churchill, 1883.
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(presmre, belching, nausea, vomiting,— otherwise rare in chlorosis, —
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The patient had been exceedingly nervous from infancy, had always been
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lation of the nerves of the stomadi and intestine are considerably
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crepitation, painful abduction, puffy swelling over the front of the joint,
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10 drops of dilute hydrochloric acid in a wineglassful of water before
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ahoold be continued until the water comes out dear. Even tiben one
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threatening symptoms manifested by individual organs or by the lAok
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bined. Whatever sequence of these three drugs is adopted their vigorous