applied to the arm, and everything done that could be suggested by all previous

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flavored with lemon juice, a de8sertsx>oonful every 1 or 2 hours, or even

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the taste of which is unfortunately not particularly pleasant :

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douche should always be followed by a dry rub and a half hour's walk.

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times the applications are as cold as possible (ice-bags, frozen or eoid

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since its relatively large doses are no more effective than smaller doses

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hours. Quin. sulph. gr. v, t. i. d., and local applications of lead and

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in the ears, deafness, disturbances of taste and sight, and occaaonsl^

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stomach depends upon whether this is due to atony (better hypotoDj or

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collected and the total amount of sugar is estimated. By a comparison

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not yet to be called satisfactory, especially as far as the question of recurrence is

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proteins in the most easily digestible form may be used. CarbohydrateB,

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been laboring in the same field. It must in justice to Dr. Roe be said that in one

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houses are not overheated ; but linen mesh or silk and wool are preferable

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hausted by the violence and long continuance of the convulsions. For three days

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known to vary considerably, and also by numerous authenticated cases of

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chlorosis complicated by constipation, a combination of iron with some

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lie at the foundation of nasal pathology, and furnish the key not only to the

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written for the general public that contains such a complete, reliable, and

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been subject to a slight cough for a long time. She has had several attacks

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good eye, with no change in colour, showed slight, but progressive de-

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Art. XX Index- Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon- General 's

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voiding urine became daily more and more conspicuous. Having secured

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seen in some syphilides and in purpura, but other symptoms of the fever

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berries; fruit juices, marmalade, dried prunes, sugar of milk, honey;

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moDjury disease o(Mnplical^ diabetes. The usual therapy should be

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come in to interfere with the proper completion of this process, and to