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haps, with the American's demand for surgery, and his impatience with

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the slightest danger of being charged with interested motives ; our profession

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plicity argue in favor of this method, but experimental and clinical evi-

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stcKmach. Praetieal experience, at any rate^ shows unmistakaU j that it

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tion because the operation was undertaken too late, the other of peritonitis.

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title " Observations upon Chronic Rheumatic Arthritis of the Shoulder."

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the patiait feels no subjective distress, and the appetite has retunied,

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tion would be balanced by the larger volume of blood discharged at each

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bered that severe shock occurs extremely rarely. Its danger shonH

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much at the nose. The patient bled from a boil at first ; afterwards there was

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with a tablespoonf ul of soft soap diluted with water ; half an hour later

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differentiated that their combination prevents the free use of either ; and

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one of the ivory pegs was extruded through a small painless sinus. The opera-

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almost complete for a year and quite marked for eighteen months.

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water, we begin with 68^ and gradually accustom him to the lower

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and act as aedatiyes rather than aa strong narcotics like morphme.

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abscess may be negative and yet tooth extraction yield a pure culture

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air-vesicles, which are illustrated by two plates. Following the description

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ill an hour or an hour and a half after breakfast, in order to reduce

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cither operation, will quiet the patient, prevent coughing after the

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and in every climate. Hirsch concluded, however, that its general pre-

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doses morning and evening; to children under five in doses eorrespondiDf

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pyrin, aspirin, acetopyrine, or phenocoU, up to 4 G. (1 dr.) daily.

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amount of adipose tissue, especially anaemic women in young adult life

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peritonitis appeared on the tenth and eleventh days respectively, ancl in

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Pickles: Mixed pickles, pickled beans and cucumbers, olives,

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The absorption of a portion of the capsule ; the detachment of the tendons of the

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injury. Never used tobacco, or stimulants of any kind. Family history

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present, we use camphor, ether, caffein, or applications of mustard to