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from the stomach and intestines and that the action is the same whether
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applies the faradic current cutaneously ; to treat gastric neuroses (ff gat-
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to the value of Roentgen rays in prolonging life and relieving symptoms
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Sig. — A dessertspoonful in half a wineglassful of water {ue^
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her temperature was 101.5°. There was no vaginal discharge nor any unhealthy con-
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clergyman." I assured her that would make no difference, that either of
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knife, viz., " Exhausted by malignant disease.'''' " Albuminuria and
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pulse imperceptible ; dulness not increased ; sounds feeble, unattended
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Insiruments. — ^A single graduated cylinder of especially prepared
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other wounds, and from his manifest extraordinary impressionability to
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it is merely an initial stage. If the diarrhoea is a result of sbnonBil
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seen any unpleasant effects except discomfort and burning with micturi-
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only occasionally, apparently modified the symptoms for the better. In
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childhood. The discharge was mucoid and moderate in quantity. The
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mad dog." And she would say, "Come, Mr. Keely, let's take a walk" —
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A man aged 59. while falling backwards, placed his arm behind him and
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ture ; there did not seem to be any true erosion or history of such at this
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water, half and half ^ each time. The disadvantage of this combination
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It is, however, the pathological section which has received the largest
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measure the amount of blood thrown out of the ventricles at each contrac-
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were not permanent, since on the removal of the exciting cause the visual
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heart, standing functionally midway between the striped and unstriped muscular
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to be applied on the wrist, and a grain and a half of hydrochlorate of
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deliver the child from the inferior strait: the child was readily and safely
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an enlargement of the left ovary. It was hard, spheroidal, circumscribed,
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grene "from a case of cerebral hemorrhage, and from one of sclerosis in
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tected by the coast mountains and so mild in winter, t^npered by the