pulmonary tuberculosis with cavity running a septic temperature and

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trismus there is generally tonic rigidity throughout."

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them useful information on topics which come home to the interests of every

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Immediately back of this lies the fourth, and near the posterior third of the

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Essentials of the Principles and. Practice of Medicine. A Handbook

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benefited by a country life, with early hours, and without stimulating

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We prescribe morphine or codeine as in acute laryngitis (see p. 274),

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cannot be ascertained. I could not have communicated it, for I had not

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briefly discussed, although the author has personally had very little

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Simple chamomile tea is often nsed in enteralgia (% teiipooDfal to

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measles, nine years ago. He was free from pain in either ear, and could

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method by alluding to authentic reports of certain cases of human dia-

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expel the tapeworm the patient must be forbidden food which will pRK

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vier, of Paris, in September, 1878, the morbid growth having been brought

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left anterior and middle fossa ; idiopathic in type ; creeping backwards

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below the omo-hyoid ; the patient was comatose the next morning, and died fifty-

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Autopsy showed marked occipital depression. Umbilicus healthy.

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nails of the great, second, and little toes are in great part destroyed. The

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considers that, under the non-mercurial system, the cures are as rapid as

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"I had seven children, and didn't use them to that, because it made them

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ences between enteric fever as we know it and enteric fever among British

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a cup of water) or the infnsion of chamomile. If we wish to taaHat

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points. He frequently contents himself with making quotations from