fulness and exactness than heretofore, and he is at some pains to weaken
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accomplish effects upon the tertiary manifestations of cardiovascular
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Method of Administration: PUU Covered mth Keratin or Salol. —
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firm, is, as a rule, loose and yielding, and would probably stretch con-
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but as the expression of a general law, which has been formulated by Ferrier,
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amined roughly, by means of the hand, at the beginning when there was
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August 13, 1883, one would hardly remark that there had been any de-
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and have seen develop after serpent-bite. We know that in cases of mala-
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and that death does not occur nearly so often as has been supposed from
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rest and care at the hospital were undoubtedly weighty factors in
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house, an overcrowded tenement in a healthy locality. The room, which was
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internal medication alone, it is scarcely fair to conclude that the nerve-
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neck outwards with the thumb, and rotating the arm, and its replacement
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in the large, partiealarly in the rectum, and generallj in masses, it often
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air is so potent in the cure of pulmonary tuberculosis is not wholly dear,
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by testing witli a watch. Though no bubbles could be detected through
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which obtained throughout till close upon the final systolic arrest. Whilst the
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puncture of the heart cavities with a capillary needle will not occasion fatal
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critical cases, in patients with serious complications, and sometimes in
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or every two days; a much more rapid and vigorous mercurialisstian;
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investigators agree with Steele, viz. : diet regulation and thorough evao-
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presence or absence of marked swelling or redness about the joints. Due