spontaneously as his bodily condition improves, unless they are main-
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Pulse 114. Skin cool, moist. Head rather warmer than body. Moaning
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developed left convergent strabismus, partial right hemianassthesia with increase
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conditions may fail entirely to show minute details of structure, which are
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ifforts in the medical care of ulcer cases and away from too hasty surgery,
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colour, smooth but not glistening ; and the contrast between it and the right lobe
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extreme difficulty that in medico-legal cases they can be distinguished from true
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tion, the sense of suffocation, and the intense anxiety and distress, would,
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Pain complained of, mostly in the abdomen and, chiefly in the direction of
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ceding article indicates, perhaps, a special adaptation by the author to the
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Manual of General Technology, including Prescription-Writing. By Edward
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3. There is a secondary acquired colour-blindness, coming on after the
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strychnine, camphor, ether, musk, and possibly ammonia and the ammo-
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disease or in any other condition in which it ordinarily seems indicated.
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apart as far as possible. Tlie same end is, of course^ furthered hj oit-
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varieties of disease which does not correspond to the accepted clinical
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As causes of this remarkable morbid condition, we may exclude mer-
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are divided for purposes of description into two classes: 1, the diffuse
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The absence of a bone shell, as far as could be determined by external ex-
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gent, and practical form. These rules of practice cover the entire field of
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here to enter. It could only at present be speculative. I would sum up briefly
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ivLcHx effect upon the iQtestine as a whole. The author after a wide
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of the nerves of the vessels, (a) directly, (acute pulmonary oedema a
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been previously prescribed, especially the use of antipyrine, opium, or
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little more than a single layer of elements. But success — especially true
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as would have been appreciated by the majority of those attempting this
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nasal erectile spaces, and that such is the case, in some instances, I am