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that she was a seven months' baby, and so small and delicate at birth that
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article by Dr. J. Ewing Mears, of Philadelphia. A general review
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Dr. Pilcher very clearly expressed, for be extends the definition to include
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points of especial interest in the operation, one being the furious bleed-
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izaggerated degree, and alsD in marked atony of the inteatineB, as shown
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My first visit to the boy was on November 7, when I was requested to
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cathartic is adTigable. For this we may employ, for example, piL ikM
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and those we are describing. Barnes writes of certain growths as occupy-
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second and third frontal convolutions beneath the fenestrum, and the orbital con-
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globe. Two months later the eye looked exactly like an eye which had
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Diineral water drunk quickly (3 glasses or even more). Even slight
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vegetables, X^> L. (3 pt.) of milk, 2 ^gs, and 2 rolls, the total amount of
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man, and that some traumatic lesion of the osseous system was essential for the
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than in the urine, though the amount in the latter is considered to exhibit
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form the characteristic blue with the iron. The potassium ferrocyanide, there-
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This expression of opinion on the minute anatomy of the air-vesicles of
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to the temporal half of the eye of the same side, and the internal half to the
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or combined with whidcey, often succeeds where chloral fails. Witk aaj
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Colotomy in Syphilitic Ulceration rison . . . . .284
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of the joint, apparently due to an abnormal projection of the head of the
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ably set forth in Dr. Lidell's article with the aid of almost innumerable
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lated organs is considered, while in the second their general action is
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Before the fat and lactose of the milk can be absorbed in the intestme,