taken place (chronic interstitial pneumonia with dilatation of the brondd

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sensation in nerves, whether entire or mutilated, so long as the irritated

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surgeon might have recourse in the place to these means at any a^e, but he

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(1^2 dr.) or even 15-20 G. (4-6 dr.) are given on one day, or die

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all the immuniring principles of the tubercle bacilli (Koch) . It prbdnoa

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meuorrhcEa, Neuralgia, etc., and Recurrent Pelvic Inflammations (Battey-Tait opera-

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toweling about 4 m.* (36 sq. ft.) is used. This runs over two wooden

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absence of green, red, and blue ; yellow still faintly persisting. This was

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was seized with slight spasms of the chest and neck. On repeating it the

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and part of the ring finger of the opposite or right side of the body ; the

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of 44 contents," between pages 260 and 261, and that a duplicate of this,

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a stable compound with the heemoglobin (carboxy haemoglobin), wUk

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cautery was decided upon after failure to include them in the loop of

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examination in English and Physics, for details of which see Catalogue.

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through fifty-five pages, and is discussed under the following heads : Ac-

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was, by this means, taken off, without that suffering, to nervous and irritable

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apparatoB and making the fatty capsule snncs^i than by relieving the

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experienced violent retching. He then became deadly faint and lay down ; his

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160 half an hour after the poison was taken, fell in twenty hours to 58, and

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Pastilles prepared from spring waters, such as 'Viehj or Bilin, are

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the differentiation is not perfectly clear, the administration of opium

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with three lines of minute dots, the centre one yellow, and the lateral

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ity of about 50 per cent. It is favorable for invalids from November

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has quite subsided, we may allow chicken broth, pea and bean soup,

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tions of simple inflammation of bone, but embraces the whole pathology of

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of sore eyes. The eye trouble was an ordinary phlyctenular conjunc-

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Quinine is one of the oldest and most dependable remedies for

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digestion. For nervous dyspeptics, however, rest after eating cannot

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