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different cases. They were present in large quantities in a specimen
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and scutulata at their commencement. They are situated superficially,
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stimuli freely. In a couple of days he appeared to rally in strength ; cough
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body, it cannot be urged that in my series of experiments the pulse was
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that fecal matter is foequently raised again after the water has once
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The volume opens with an interesting contribution from Dr. William
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reason he does not approve of Schroth's ''dry cure," which used to be
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minutes. During these paroxysms the face and neck were particularly
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disorders, sensations of pressure and fulness, or a sense of pressure in
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Inkalatian. — Chloroform may be used for inhalatioi\ in the f dlowi^
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fnmished evidence of its applicability. He found hypo-acidity in 22
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them, unawed by any preconceived notions of the smallness of the urethral
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To avoid producing sweating we give p3rramidon in the form of
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stone, as it is alkaline, and its wearing effect on the enamel of the teeth k
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rooms with other people (schools, etc.). A hardening hydroth^nqiy alv
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this stage of the operation, the hemorrhage is usually very trifling, if the operator
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time. Some patients are much relieved by these bandages, but othen find
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and August and again a little during the winter. The summers are
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with hemiplegia and hemianesthesia of the like-named side, the lesion
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above described are of a connective tissue type, yet their pseudo-stomatous
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that had previously been ulcerated or partially destroyed by some phage-
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injuries received at the time of the accident, and the autopsy disclosed the fact that
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(0.2 Q. (3 gr.) to 150 cc. (5 oz.) of water) or silver nitrate (0.1 Qt.
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with hot-water bottles or hot drinks. In suitably situated institatioDt
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that this was, in the great majority of cases, due to the influence of cold acting on
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