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bacon. The first few days are spent in bed, often with hot compresses

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8 Archives of Ophth. and Otol., vol. v. p. 148. Tumour on the same side as neuritis.

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have borne syphilitic children to syphilitic fathers, and who have since remained

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possessed of. (2) The mortality in excision, even in cases where the remaining

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majority seemed to have derived no benefit from such treatment. This

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does not seem efficient, I rarely employ either sodium, ammonium or the

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added. The patient should be informed at the outset that he is to take


into its outer edge (Fig. 4), and at a higher level the tendon of the supra-

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spaces or erectile cells, separated by trabecular of fibrous connective tissue

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treme of a series of morbid processes of which the symmetrical gangrene

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A binder may be passed around the diseased half of Hie Ihonz to

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3 Forster, Allgemein-Leiden und Veranderungen des Sehorgans, 1877.

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Art. XXXVIII. — The Diseases of Women; a Manual for Physicians

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July 8th. Matter having again accumulated in the chest, as evinced by dis-

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dangers of trephining per se. There are 122 cases belonging to this

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patiently threaded one's way through a series of primary, secondary, and

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"3. Operations on the vulva involve verv little danger either to mother or

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growth spreading over the surface of the vertebra?, and so implicating the

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dressed and walked about the hospital for a short while.