7. Marresse v. Interqual, Inc., 1984 C.C.H. Trade Cases 166,271 (7th Cir. November 4, 1984).
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hepatic or renal function. INDERAL (propranolol HCI) is not indicated for the treatment of
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ance of the eruption, the greater is the chance of its speedily arresting its
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what Dr. McLaughlin has said. As between Dominion matriculation examination and
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author, and the Journal will bill the author for this expense.
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the public schools in Canada ; and I venture to say the professors will not attempt to make
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struck down by fever, and died in eight days, leaving a
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In the brief discussion which followed, Dr. Waters of
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dium, two pouches had formed, which, when distended with blood, or pro-
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harmony with your views, and if possible to get it into a practical working form.
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altered and vitiated, not merely by diseases of their
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CONTRAINDICATIONS. INDERAL is contraindicated in 1) cardiogenic shock, 2) sinus
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also of seeing the noted Siamese twins, fully concur in the opinion that this
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Isl. Imperfection of the tricuspid and mitral valves, or of the aortic valves.
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