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idi the ulcer (1) is of syphilitic origin, (2) can be excised from the

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known means at hand for combating these prevalent and dangerous mala-

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bath {57*") and splash ibe neck with water as cold as we can get it If

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cover the etiology of the attack before determining its therapy. It wmj

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alcohol, and partly as salicylic and salicyluric acids (Cushny). If fidt

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known and so frequently reported, that it is not necessary to cite them

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to which epinephrin has been added, heat to the abdomen and the

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bodily nutrition must be improved in every iKNSsible respect; all reflex

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With this we are at the end of our necessarily brief analysis. To do

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foods, the additional advantage of quickly causing a feeling of satiety

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one year, but this period must naturally vary greatly with each case.

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and of the cold, a hardening and strengthening of the skin, a stimula-

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ind slowly passed down the pharynx into the oesophagus. To make sure

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disturbances observable in the more pronounced forms of the affection

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usually accompanies diabetes.) In many other cases, even the sefcre

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tubercle. They are in fact small isolated groups of air vesicles, filled

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of the nose, and the well-defined periodicity of the attacks, were facts

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foetus, use of the forceps, precipitate delivery, employment of ergot, etc.

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used borax for the same purpose. Lipowitz first noticed the powerful solvent

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one tablespoonfnl every other hour). Lactophenin apparently has no

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Diaphoresis. — Sweating is often helpful to a pure fibrinous plenrii^.

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quently, and had much headache — symptoms which were not present

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above title, collected an interesting history of the discoveries which have

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loss of the tendon of the biceps ; its adhesions to the bicipital groove ; its dis-

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island of Heimacy, adjacent, such has been its fatality that not a child

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When attempts are made to flex the arms, there is a sort of involuntary

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and lie partly in the spaces between and partly on the inner surface of the

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An acute pain in the point of the shoulder during a violent twist of the arm ;

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greater intolerance, but stiU not indicating a hc^less case. If, however,

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there remained left hemianopsia with left hemiparesis. During the next three

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de Nantes. Gazette Medicale d'Orient. Journal de Medecine de Paris. L'Abeille

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cess of interstitial absorption : when a depressed scar is adherent to the