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ing only some days after the injury, and slowly gravitating down the arm

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and, lastly, animal histology and pathology, regarding which latter our

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3 Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, 1876-77, vol. lix. and lx.

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and consequent congestion of the lungs, before there is time for extrava-

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that it varied from 160 to 120 during the sopor, but did not reach more than

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In luing any of these three balsams, particularly the last, we must eon^

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different from that in chronic gout. From his own experience, the

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one field of the microscope blue micrococci and bacteria may be compared

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small teaspoonful, night and morning, of an infusion of quassia in 50-75

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transferred to Webster Hospital, Manchester, N. H., and April 28th was

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"In the sections made we discover only fibrous tissue and bloodvessels.

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Ikk note taken from Landerer'e original article has been inserted.

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tuberculosis without demonstrable apical lesion, in kidney diseases, in

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hot bath at bed time and, while remaining in a warm closed room, to

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Uood regeneration. In short, a mountain climate is, after proper food,

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instance make erysipelas complicating pregnancy essentially harmless, and

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an the stone. [It is more i»robable that tibe oil aets as an enetiB or

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juice, a pinch of cream of tartar in a pint of water. After an hour's

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case as that related by Smith, 1 concerning which he asks : " Is it possible

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bronchotomy necessary. The extension of the work then done has gone

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tremors; tongue more natural, slightly coated ; pulse 100, small and thready,

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Milk. — Two to 3 pints of milk should also be taken during the day,

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betes in which even severe types have cleared up spontaneously and com-

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the psoas muscle was incised, and the vertebras reached by continuing the opera-

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Reidinger and Trendelenburg had shown that ivory pegs might become eroded

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have also in this symptom a means of diagnosticating injuries of the

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ascertained, as she does not remember it, and had no physician or mid-

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question how the difficulty could be surmounted. I recommended an em-

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When the forearm was extended upon the arm, a painful degree of

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an eruption and dried incrustation. In some parts vesicles, in others pustules,

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destruction or displacement of the tendon of the biceps, not only by those who

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great part of the success and usefulness, and nearly all the happiness which

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