" The poison of Heloderma causes no local injury. It arrests the heart in
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the means and appliances employed in a part of the art of surgery to which
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than glycerine, for the hygroscopic properties of which for such a purpose
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should be studiously followed. Dr. Otis is quoted as saying, "It is hardly
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and chopped raw beef, occasionally cooked or raw fruit, caviar, sardines,
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Dr. J. Wickham Legg contributes a Note on the History of Exoph-
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to the head, and this may last for a long time before angular curvature
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been divided, namely, the follicular, the saccular, and the eruptive, it is his
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suction should be made either by the mouth (in case no abrasions exist)
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should always precede the administration of mercury ; and throughout its
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and entire loss of vision. I attended him during his convalescence.
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animals alive for from one to five years after the operation, watching them
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8igw — 15 drops 3 times a day before meaU, in water.
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most part from the larger works of Cyon, Sanderson, and Foster.
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The peculiar degree of pressure, as shown in Dr. Sims's illustration,
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procedure is decidedly painful, so that chloroform narcosis is often neces-
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upon this same reaction. Ehiiich's theory is that it is due to the libeia-
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form of a book. The author may think it so reasonable and so plain that
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another complication to be noted. Before the corpuscles are dissolved
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attached, possesses decided advantages over the expensive and cumbersome
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aeqnires a bluish-violet cdor, but on standing becomes entirely colorless
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arrangements, sports in winter, large English colcmy (26 hrs. from
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few times to become convinced of its value in reducing many <rf fte
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eocoa, oat-cocoa, or in diarrhoea acom-coooa. In some cases malt extnet
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Neither fat nor protein is added. For the first day, the food is chosen to
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and they must be admitted to be facts, cannot be accepted as arguments
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frequently on the ninth day after the cutting of the funis that it has been
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you are to find the result of the experience of those who have studied these
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a latent tuberculosis. A considerable percentage of cases of tuberculous
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nary fast, it should be given at first in small quantities, slowly increased.
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and coffee and milk for breakfast, and a varied meal for lunch and
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City Hospital in the latter part of the winter of 1882-83. He came there
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Sciences JVat., 1843, ii. ser. t. xix. p. 30) was the first, and as far as I