port in all the maritime countries throughout Europe.

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the chest, and a cough ; all of which are worse when lying down than when sitting.

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region should not be scrupulously avoided by operators, as

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results which seem to and do at times attend the injection of

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an»8thetic action ought to arrest the principal symptoms of hooping-

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improperly, or at improper hours; do not dig your grave with your teeth, but re-

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hoarseness ? voice weak ? loss of singing or voice ? cancer of the tongue or tonsils

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let it run long. Many persons have bled to death in a very few minutes from a rup-

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dangerous. Leeches to the cervix, when the use of a speculum

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military and naval services— should be made by a Boyal Commission, which could

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foot, but it is worthy of remark, that it very rarely attacks both

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another twenty-four to thirty-six hours the skin changes colour

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of the eye. By none of these injuries did we succeed in producing

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tilages in the knee-joint, the case selected for description being

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at the time of intervention can be regarded in the light of an

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with it. 8. Slight, local dQatations from long-standing indurations

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tions. The man who finds a peculiar interest in the chemistry

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women are distinguished from the matrons by having their drawers made of needle-

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15 of the prisoners. Of these cases, 7 were fatal. This was the

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have an infinite variety in the size of the granulations^ according

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health, virtue, morality, purity, happiness, and long life to both men and women.

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which traverse it. (4) The following are the symptoms observed :

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this — viz., in Case 3, in which two previous attacks occurred ; in

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and from the known reluctance of friends to make this public, there can be no doubt

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conduce to the production of the disease, and that it is pre->

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there is quarrelling in the married state, we may expect evil to flow forth, if not

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in the family, and the occurrence of glycosuria during the toler-

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but almost every one of them can be consulted by poor persons,

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Many of the affections to which men are liable may be greatly influenced and

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that every fifth individual is carried off by the disease, are ex-

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her exposure, or unrestrained licentiousness brings its train of mental misery,

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these openingSy and soon after this a deep ulcer, with elevated edges

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unsteady. At the time of the second attack of paralysis of the

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the children of Israel to lead them with safety to the promised land,) physiologists

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