transmission by indirect contact. Amongst the diseases which are due to

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Dr. George Russell, even in his extreme old age, did not forget his relations to

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the neck. Suppuration is uncommon. " Definite abscesses occurring in

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has been found, for diphtheria at least, that if living cultures only be used, the in-

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currence : An aged man of eighty suffered from varix complicated with eczema,

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S. H. Colburn, M. D., has removed from Athol to Worcester, Mass.

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less of headache, and becomes dull, apathetic, and drowsy. His intelligence

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jars or culture dishes, or rubber-stoppered bottles or

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crons may be employed, but it is particularly important

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associated with conditions of overcrowding and destitution. Characterised

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the fasting stomach is subject, it is difficult to make continuous

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relation between chronic vascular hypertension and the meno-

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especially the spleen and blood. P. pestis may be cul-

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the incubator for 2 hours, then without unduly disturbing it,

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going on upwards of two months, and the girl had been treated,

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of the heart, together with its sUght enlargement and sounds

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in this clinic. As to sputum examination, there were 33 sped-

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medium when stained by Loeffler's methylene blue or the

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from analyses of standard solutions, as described for

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and abdominal, of the woman before delivery, another on opera-

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may last two months, or longer, and convalescence may be very protracted,

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True pernicious anemia itself may, of course, start during

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swollen, painful, and tender. The pulse is frequent, small, and compress-

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that the majority of patients require alcohol at the time of the crisis, if

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I want to show you 3 other cases which illustrate other

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(4) Decolorize by flowing the acid-alcohol over the smear

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larvae may be found in feces sent to the laboratory for examina-

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a. General. The important pathogenic species of this genus are

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fulfilled those promises which the earlier observations aroused.

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glycerophosphate of lime in the blood, and lymph, may become converted into

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presents the appearances usually found in death from asphyxia. The

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in the right finger joints in the evening; sticking and pressure in

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ard. Portions of a primary standard solution, of the

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there appears in the medical world a sort of epidemic of enthusi-

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working standard calcium solution. The tips of the cen-

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ever he saith." These are the words of Jesus, whose authority

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Dr. Asa W. Brown read a paper entitled " Two Cases from

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fluences (moles, nasvi, ichthyosis) ; (2) disease (nails and teeth) ; or (3) arrested

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typhoid state. The skin becomes sallow or jaundiced, and purpuric spots

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