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with maternal blood, which is at the same time extravasated, and together with
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Ocean and its great current on one side and a range of mountaii^ soo-
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its real defects. The new Hotel-Dieu is disposed of in half a page with
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may then be sent to Marienbad; if there are symptoms of aniemia, to
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massage, even in its gentlest form, is oontraindicated, on account of the
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important part. The quality of the food, the combination of different
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The bullet had then traversed the medulla oblongata, and striking the inner side
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fetid sputum. Eichhoret gives the following prescription:
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looked like ordinary scar tissue, there was still at the site of the nipple
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from it a part of the area which it supplies, he ligated the fronto-nasal
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artery alone. In the latter case the sac pulsates and enlarges because the
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into particles of as nearly the same size as possible, and can be paand
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she presenting all the evidences of good health, came to my clinic in
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23. She had been better in every respect, but she complained of sore
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eases. By Fessenden X. Otis, M.D., etc. 8vo. pp. 584. New York:
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The toxins of the infectious diseases have, in common, the result of
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seminated sclerosis of the brain. Forster says 4 that, in partial cerebral
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foreign cases in which deafness accompanied a lesion of the temporal
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his care in February, 1883. He had been caught by a falling tree, and had
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prove the symptoms in 48 hours. He claims favorable results from thii
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emollient hand creams especially those containing urea lactic acid or silicone
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tant of recent contributions to dental literature. ; fessional career, and he has faithfully endeavored
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14th. The patient says that the sensation of the fluid " drop" in his ear
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out the mouth directly after each meal if possible, but at any rate every
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brane of the digestive tract and is used up in other parts of the body.
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narrates a case, in which, after an amputation at the hip, he found it