is benzoic add. Four G. (1 dr.) should be the maximum daily dose, as
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of the question has been a subject of discussion for a number of years, and
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Mr. H. H. Clutton contributes a very interesting report of a case of
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uterine pouch, leaving the uterus now only attached to the broad ligaments.
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often as it has succeeded? It is stated that Dr. Blundell extirpated the
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by any method. [Bobin acknowledges the theoretical value of Uvi^
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ferently by him now. After all, when we reflect on the appearances of other
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of the urine is much diminidied ; the mono-acid and normal phosphates
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The Andes in South America furnish res<Hrts in Peru, Ecnad<ff,
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or exerting more or less pressure upon, the main nerve-trunks. In the first
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what he did not mean to say. Again, M. Masse quotes Pasteur in regard
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sions to the rectum caused death in 3 cases by setting up a purulent peritonitis,
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-or such patients vary for each case. In general they do better upon
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Koch's discovery of the tubercle bacillus is now being used as a factor
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The convolutions posterior to the fissure of Rolando, on the right side, were softened
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tion. Central vision good in both eyes. Ophthalmoscopic examination negative.
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a simple mortification, but rather a sloughing or phagedenic ulcer.
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in spite of the application of heat to the surface, and of the administration
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bladder, or 10 O. (2y^ dr.) of a 10 per cent solatkni of xeroform oil mqr
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Rest in Bed. — ^The patient should be kept quiet, usually in bed. He
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and irregularity; caffeine, particularly in cases of cardiac weakness, with
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the author agrees with Chauffard in giving 3 or 4 times a day a powder
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already formed; and (2) to meet those cases where a uric acid sediment
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be rubbed with mercurial ointment; dressed with a Priessnitz bandage
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on record in which a fatal result from paralysis of the heart (thymus
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ccmsists in a hyi>er8emia of the diseased part often combined with t
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indefinitely. The amount ahould never be large enough to cause m
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is sufficient evidence to show that in many individuals a relative immunity
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LUst go farther, and include dietetic and mechanical remedies.
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the larynx was conugated by spasm. Her countenance expressed the