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CreosotaL — ^The best of all substitutes for creosote, however, is, in

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ing up and flying across the room with wildness and impatience towards the

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Daily Dose. — ^It is best in general to begin with moderate dos^,

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He admits some few former descriptions as valid, and has made observations on

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had been for many years in this condition, the affection having resisted very

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surgery. It is clear, succinct, and as complete as could be asked. It

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alkali is now stopped, and feeding with starch is commenced in order to

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iNTBODUcnoN. — ^Before discussing the therapy of diabetes, it is

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most all the others belong to that of surgery. Among the latter are

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withoat prolonged observation and judicious deliberation. Fortunately

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the throat became affected, and was the seat of ulceration for about two

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cal Ophthalmology and Otology in the University of Georgetown, and

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tea, milk-cocoa, fruit juices, and after the fourth week, if there is no

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tendency to convulsions in pregnancy, but that outside the conditions of pregnancy

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In a subsequent letter he reiterates his favourable reports, speaking

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ill an hour or an hour and a half after breakfast, in order to reduce

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up the fists in spasms." Occipital depression well marked. No history

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hacking. July 2d. The puncture which had been gradually contracting

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Moreover, elimination is sometimes impeded from unknown causes in persons in

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inereaae an already marked tendeiugr to diafdioreda^ it is best to give

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one of the most debatable subjects within the range of medicai science. The

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per cent, solution of boracic acid. A large drainage tube was introduced, the

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Catalogue of Medical Graduates of the University of Pennsvlvania.

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a rather different order from the first — spring, summer, winter, and autumn ;

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This is mere speculation, unsupported by any microscopical evidence^ as

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ozybenzoic acid), which the author has repeatedly tried, sometiiDei in

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drawing in of the cicatrix and traction upon the vagina. The compara-

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one sometimes sees, toward the centre, yellowish opaque masses made up of

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4 P.M. Temp. 103°; pulse 120. One very slight dark liquid stool.