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discharge of pus from the mastoid cells. Dead bone was removed and pus evacu-

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at home be made to tolerate a sufficiaitly high dose to pull them throo^"

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should choose a mild climate, preferably that of the Baltic or the Med-

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complicated by symptoms of stasis in the portal veins, particularly c(m-

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cially opportune moment for the appearance of a full and reliable guide on

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antiseptics and now their various compounds are so enq>loyed. For

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thick yellow pus, enlarged both in depth and surface, and became irregular

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This paper is one to which reference will frequently be made, and is

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nerves to direct vital operation." Among my own endeavours to ascer-

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the lowland dimate stimulating enough, but should pass the spring in

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prevent the formation of large cicatrices. It is useful, also, in these cases, as a

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arrived at the same result by a different procedure. In 1882 MM.

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— the first that had occurred since the spasms had commenced. Her children

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dusky reddish purple colour, caused by dilated capillaries and veins. The eye-

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the ligament would allow. This muscle was torn from the caraco-bra-

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A discussion arose following the report of these experiments in the

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oil, the former of which contains ricin and the latter, eroUm riein wifli

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titative changes are found from the beginning to the end of some dis-

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the prosecution of the important investigation into matters relating to the

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method would, of course, have been to have employed a combTnation of

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He also suggests a modified shoe with an elastic spring in its sole.

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and men, including physicians, who have nobly engaged in it. The work

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Sig. — ^Paint on Beveral times a day. Shake well before using.]

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ing both limbs of the looped cord at the same time, and therefore have a double

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that the case was probably one of typhus, he saw nothing in the condi-