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point or to the atemnm. The onter bandage is pat on in exactly the same
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above 0.1 per cent., a further reduction of carbohydrates is indicated.
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WithS. 1 D. V. = — . With S. 3 D. read Sn. 0.5 D. from thirty-five
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there is but little alteration of position in the internal viscera; if the curva-
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on the Riviera; the island of Lussin; the Gulf of Quamero (Abbazia) ;
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while the surgeon grasps the foot with the right or left hand, as the case
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logical laboratory at Utrecht, in 1869, discovered that the anterior pair
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20 G. (% oz.) meat (hot or cold roast, scraped raw meat, tongoe^
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etc) it is better g^ven as orexin basieum than as orexin hydroehlorate.
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I am doubtful by what name to designate the affection under considera-
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mucous membrane of the cheeks, tongue, and gums, and the throat became
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ening of the left arm. I could distinctly make out the two fractures,
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narrated twelve cases, "with the object of proving that the connection
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If the patient is distressed by severe vomitiQg after the stomach con-
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here to enter. It could only at present be speculative. I would sum up briefly
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ure. They have not been demonstrated to be of value in preventing Ae
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vrater on an empty stomach is followed. Sometimes part is taken early
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recommend that method, which he has employed in 177 cases. The operation
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ment of stricture. These views have met with decided approval on this
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— a precisely opposite direction to that in which the tendon would, when
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tion of certain brief notes, and a very short appendix by Dr. Sturgis, has
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we find anesthesia, angioma pigmentosum et atrophicum, anidrosis,
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all in good health. The patient wasamarried man, and the father of three
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Pain. — Common humanity donands that the frequently torturing
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is recommended. Pf eiffer prescribes it as follows :
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powders regularly in spite of the difficulty. She said, "Doctor, I suffer very