upwards — at the time they are most apt for cancer — after the skin of the
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The best local disinfection for this condition is a 1 per cent, sdutkm
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bodies. The green vegetables, lettuce and other salads particularly, seem
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Gorbersdorf, especially St Moritz), w often any country place, provM^
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clot would extend far enough to close the opening, or that the reverse
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(Esophagotomy was first performed by Goursauld, of France, in 1738,
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left upper lobe were two nodules, similar to those already mentioned. Micro-
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ergotine in a suppository for 3 consecutive evenings, followed for 3 dijys
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a tabular arrangement, condensed from his abstract reports : —
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modation about the same. Eye-grounds still appear the same. R. Collyr.
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believing, as the now lamented Dr. Sims has aptly said, " If I am wrong,
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(internally), or chloral hydrate (internally or by rectum). The follow-
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It is well known that the synovial swelling which sometimes makes
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be seen which were about an inch in depth, one of which extended entirely
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stricture, or occlusion of the intestine in cases in which it is desirable to operate,
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II Circondario Pisano. Xotizie Biguardanti la Salute Publica nell Anno, 1880. Dell
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ration of the organ. When the ovary has been but slightly changed in
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15 See details of a probable case on page 120 of vol. ii. of Tyrell on Diseases of the
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theria the swab should be rubbed carefully along the edge of the
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of caustics as had been made to their surfaces from time to time. Manipu-
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" A woman, twenty-seven years old, who had menstruated regularly since her
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sion closed with catgut sutures. Carbolized gauze dressings were applied
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to the surface of the earth renders the habitations damp, may predispose
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June 20th. An erythematic blush, sore to the touch, appeared between
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made better thereby, but it does not seem now to reach the same high
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secretion products, extractiTe materials, or particles of the tuberde
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G. (18 gr.) being given throughout the day; the tincture or wine of
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not, how far may it exceed its usual term, within the bounds of accepted
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parietal regions was found. 2 In the following case this symptom was present