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The patient delivered at the close of the thirty-first week had a con-

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1 Q. wt gives 9.3 gross calories and 8.4 net calories

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aneurism endarteritis, especially if intracranial, hemiplegia, epilepay,

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lower part of the intestine which we wish pardenlarly to affeet> of eold

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appeared, the first thing to be cared for is proper nutrition. If we are

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ment of severe hemorrhage and perhaps also to the treatment of aneurisms. In

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gruels — arrowroot^ for instance. It is apparently better never to leitfe

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He also suggests a modified shoe with an elastic spring in its sole.

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ness calls for practically no treatment. Aspirin and sweating naj

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much better, and anxious to be allowed to sit up. In addition to usual

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cranial trouble, which, upon the superaddition of the degeneration of the

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In America to-day, psychic therai>eutics is i>erhaps too prominoitly in

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tended that medical men in general are bad business or administrative

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heil), daily or every two days, can now be obtained in soluble tablet

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In 19 cases the salicylates were given in doses not exceeding one-and-

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heir normal positions ; in the second, we try to reduce the inflammation ;

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Piperazin. — On the contrary, piperazin (colorless crystals easily

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themselves by a destruction of the diseased tissues^ hemorrhage, and tte

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special class by its pathological and clinical characters. In the case of Cornil

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astringent solutions are indicated. Th^ are also useful in constipatioa

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great anterior — or internal — rotator of the humerus.

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draw its mucous membrane down. The tendency to contract, which

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or may he not render himself non-infecting by the proper use of antiseptics ?

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is directed to foment the eye for fifteen or twenty minutes three or four times a

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the shock of the wave against the paries of the ventricle which is situate

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falsity of the belief that the potassium salt was carried mechanically, as

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partieolariy scraped raw beef — and milk in all forms. The Bussians

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nated forearm, the radius crosses the course of the ulna in such a manner