the outer border of the stemo-deido-mastoid oyer the lower portion of
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those engaged in this department of physiology. It is an excellent little
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shoulder. Sickness occurred after the operation — in my experience a rare
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from his own publications, gave the following account of the normal sounds
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D re witt exhibited a case and described it. The patient was a woman, aged
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the amount of heat abstraction depends largely upon the relative
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Massage is often supposed to stimulate gastric secretion, although this
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Complications of Qout : Nephritis. — ^The combination of gout and
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vaUdol; and I always exhaust my therapeutic resources before I take
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diet, have also died a few days later in coma." His plan follows:
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ing the large quantity taken. On a former occasion I witnessed a similar
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earefully applied. A 25-50 per cent, ichthyol ointment is often helpful
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nails of the great, second, and little toes are in great part destroyed. The
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ures. A cold shower, if short, never to exceed 30 seconds, and if followed
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I endeavor to find out some other interest or hobby, especially one taking
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of the treatment in order to exclude the effect of bodily activity on the
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in quantities of grms. .4 to .45, avoiding the deposit of acid urates. Under these
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stage. Prof. Emiliani removed a small pear-shaped, solid tumour, one
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which the operation has been done, as is shown in the table accompanying
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lighter and lighter until lost at about twelve to sixteen degrees. One
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assignable cause, the fresh air treatment and inhalations of oxygen are in-
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the importance of the more advanced views, and fails sometimes to notice