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the first attack being accompanied by nausea and disturbance of vision, the latter
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1 The existence of fibres from the optic tract to the pons and olivary body — the
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compare the selected wool with the nearest changes, he being more able, by reason of
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whose recent death has awakened such universal sorrow in the profession.
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described. The patients should not be allowed to use the water-closets ; if they
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by Dr. Lacerda, even when serpent venom was injected into veins fol-
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abrupt change of themes in the make-up of a well-edited journal are prodi-
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when he stoops, and when he walks. The scar made by the perforation
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parallel with that of the humerus. A finger inserted into this depression
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range of the operations in question has been thoroughly examined, and
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nounced. Paracotoine is a crystalline powder of a yellowish- white colour, insipid
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long; (2) if there is danger of pneumonia or of decubitus as a result
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great anterior — or internal — rotator of the humerus.
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panying letterpress to the subject of Acute Miliary Tuberculosis. He dis-
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formerly he was opposed to this operation, and, on account of the high mortality
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der, called ^'rodagen,'' is given in daily amounts of 5-10 O. (l%-2^
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of the vasomotor system. The choice of the preparation is ccmiparativdy
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to that in concentrated acid poisoning. Large quantities of vrato mtfS
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2 cases of genito-urinary tuberculosis, 7 cases of lupus, and 2 cases of
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Belladonna — Atropin — Eutnydrin, — ^In most cases the pain is caused
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panied by vomiting. It is likely to be retained and a sufficient quantity
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8ig. — 1-2 troches every morning and night for three dajs.
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colon irrigation, especially to stimulate perktalsis or to overoouie
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saline laxative be given — 15 G. (^ oz.) of sodium sulphate and each day
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If the fever is a manifestation of a simple infection by the tubercle