abatement of the temperature of about seven-tenths of a degree (C.) ; this abate-

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discussion of other disturbances of the stomach must be deferred to t

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piU is added ergotin 0.065 G. (1 gr.), when quinine alone does not im-

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menthol 10 G. (2^ dr.), guaiacol 2 O. (30 gr.), and olive oil 88 0.

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esting to know if many who suffer from mitral stenosis pass the age of fifty years,

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Dnranc Thkraft. — ^The diet must be so chosen as to keep up tJie

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considerable time at 103^ or over, and severe toxic ^ymptmna appear (on*

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cumulation of fluid in the drum-cavity after repeated paracentesis, is that

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lage covering the humerus where it came in contact with the under surface of

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the water lost by perspiration. If water is given subcutaneously or

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the edge of the wound, and out through the skin, and then the threads of carbo-

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sentations of one of Huguier's figures, yet the differences which we have

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bad, Marienbad, Carlsbad, Pyrmont, Anna Moorbad Belohrad (North-

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group. In small series of cases the relative numbers of cases due totke

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the object being to furnish a practical and useful summary of all the best

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Instead of the extract of krameria, the syrup, 15-40 G. (;Mrl-^ 02.) may

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Polish T&tra in Galicia (ahnost 3000 ft.), Brenner in the Brenner Pass

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M. dent. tal. aos. no. 1 (disp^ise in glutoid caps, grade ii).

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coverings and acting upon neighbouring nerves. Two of his cases tend to prove

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given by Schroder and Olshausen, who admitted a mortality of thirty-four and

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An analogy to eclampsia has also been claimed by some writers. In

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l>ranchial mnoons membrane is tlieref <»e relieyed, the eardiac aetkn s

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the false corpus luteum, or that which accompanies the escape of the un-