could by Valsalva's method ; but this gave no relief to his deafness or the
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Thbbafy of C!oiifligation8 : Indicatioii for Altentioii of the
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ting through the tongue ; nor have I ever had, so far as I can remember, any
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common sensation do not lie in that part of the brain.
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occasionally shares with the enterprising publisher the expense of setting
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2. In simple degeneration of the optic nerve, there is merely a diminu-
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tion I met with once before in a man who traced it to the poison of a snake-bite,
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form, and Dr. Richardson has performed a lasting service by directing the
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body of physicians as men prosecuting a vocation merely for the sake of the
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of the stomach, pancreas, intestinal glands, lungs, skin, and kidneys, aid
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result occurred by reason of the patient's tearing away the ligature, and
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was the best dye. The distension of the wall of the capillaries seemed to show that
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don was thirty-six feet in length. The object of this flat ligature is to
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mercury is contraindioated. He givra three or four courses of iodm^
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the body protein most effectively. Von Hoesslin in 1882 proved titattk
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The Influence of the Constant Use of High-heeled French Shoes upon
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conceived the idea that by mechanically shutting off the supply of blood to
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make a bacteriological examination in any suspected case free of charge.
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nitric acid, and afterwards imbuing the surface of the growth with the same
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noticeably increased in thickness, as are also the media and endothelial lining.
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2 or 3 days the operation is rei>eated with a 1:1000 solution. Mor-
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bell, to try them. He applied four of them to the eyelid of a girl labouring
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for each day. As a general rule, I begin and continue them onee evoT
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subject, but for the purpose of reference in the study of the cases the
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actions to which the preliminary step is an appreciation of the mechanism
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sooner or later to the surface, according to its situation. Sometimes, how-
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Salt and Carbonated Batbs* — In the early stages of the disease, salt
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for a dull tjrpically typhoidal patient who sleeps quite as much during the
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An ice-bag over the precordium will assist in quieting an overaetiiif
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of anteflexion of the uterus ? Further, is it quite fair to quote Copeman's
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pieces taken from each nostril, both frozen and hardened in alcohol. In
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malaria. Dr. Mackenzie then described in detail the peculiarities of the parox-
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the same microscopical products are found, are we to consider them as one
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the treatment of almost any type of neurasthenia. Individualisation is
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