due to reflex vasomotor disturbances. But many patients report for treat-
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of breathing exercises so regulated as to increase the strength of the
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(i) True plethora, or polycythemia, a condition in which all the
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lubricated with glycerine. The way to irrigate the urethra is carefully
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healthy but a diseased form of suppuration ; that in this kind of suppuration
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of Packer, is substituted for that used by the authors quoted. In referring,
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Medical Symbolism. By Thos. S. Sozinsky, M.D. Philadelphia.
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A Case of (Esophagotomy, with Remarks. By Louis A. La Garde.
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is also apt to be some impairment in the movements either upwards
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the above complications or until serious inroads upon the child's
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small abscess formed and went on to suppuration. It will be an interest-
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included in it many substances, such as cobalt, strontium, nickel, magnesium,
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has tried it in a few cases, with no effect. In two instanees, howefer, he
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gave her pulv. ipecac, grs. xx., acetated morphia gr. i.
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The descriptions are necessarily brief, but are concise, and point out the
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Autopsy. — In the left frontal lobe an abscess was found as large as a hen's egg,
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fibres of the pectoralis major, and by the latissimus dorsi and teres major, all
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fection is necessary. It is equally obligatory, but not necessarily so rigid in scar-
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with too much force. The physician must possess self-control and
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Aug. 9. Still had the subjective sensation of " treading on some-
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reoent ulcer, in fact in nearly all of the large number the author has
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worth nor add to the dignity of a standard text-book.
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Diuretics. — If, however, the ascites is due to the liver alone, diuretics
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of pneumonia demand speedy treatment. An extensive acute deep
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situated as far as healthful lodging and food were concerned ; and further-
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santonin medication. The drug should not be given, unless a reeent
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ward and inward and then relaxing the preasnire. In Sehnller'a method
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and rapidly pushing before it the venous column on the proximal side,
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