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that the movements of the diaphragm are restricted and

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Osier's clinic have been operated on, 5 have recovered, and

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ureter to a point just above the common iliac artery. The

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or antimicrobic, probably antimicrobic. Lambert con-

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Manila. — ^The third class of the Hospital Corps Company of

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cause of which could not be definitely determined al-

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growth of histologically benign structure in the urinary

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first case of its kind to come before the Ontario courts.

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President to prepare plans in detail for such Committee on

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Thigh was amputated for injury at upper and middle third. Secondary

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• may spare the operator a great deal of chagrin if a

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phlegmon, finally tending to suppuration in the course of

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Building, Chicago, May 30 and 31 and June 1. Dr. Eli Van

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brane. In order to carry out such treatment, various

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for much satisfaction, certain facts revealed by the re-

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develop more rapidly after fracture, owing to decrease

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of glands surrounding the fauces is composed of the

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surgeon that fracture is present. Yet, however clear

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the infusion averts the tendency to death by sustaining the

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In a certain proportion of cases th^ neurotic condition is a

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experience, of bold statements made with no consulting of authori-

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position held by our fathers fifty years ago, that hysterectomy

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in a child, that the condition will be outgrown. This leads

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Case 114. — Operator, Woodbury. Dorsal region ; duration, some

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less 5 per cent, for wear and tear, after all additions, amounts to

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the lightest possible clothes, the diet non-stimulating, no al-

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either temporarily or more or less permanently, in the

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these different lesions would evoke exactly similar sensa-

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due to the psychic factor more than anything else is doubtful.

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sumption' and 18,665 to violence. The deaths of 2121 men'

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to speak of the tremendous amount that is to be induded

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court in interposing its judgment for that of the juiy. The

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introduces the blades, one into each nostril and cuts along the

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4 in 439 fatal cases, representing 6513 instances of