to walk for a period of six or seven months on account of an attack of sciatica.
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marked atrophy of the limb. As to the relation of the neuritis to the tubercular
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II. On Affections of the Eye-muscles in Diseases of the Brain and Spinal
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hurriedly he discovered clinging to the finger a small copperhead, which
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tion to the danger of injury to the ureters, which appeared to have escaped in
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spas, baths may also be taken, sometimes in the iron water itself, some-
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the body ; and it was more or less attended with oedema. In some instances
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fear, and severe cardiac and cerebral attacks like the first attaidos of
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a simple apparatus, based on the principle of the siphon, will suffice.
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Facial Erysipelas is recorded by Dr. H. Kxapp, of New York. The
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treatment of chlorosis was 1 Blaud's pill 3 times a day after meals during
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that women are occasionally found in whom the menstrual function is
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fore lay great weight on keeping the mouth clean and giving the patient
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divided into dietetic, hygienic, and medicinal therapy. The former will
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itready been spoken of in sufficient detail in the section upon pulmonary
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must be referred the difference of their action under pathological condi-
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"lupus-psoriasis" and " cheiro-pompholyx." But such terms as " im-
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mous hemianopsia," was long thought to be due in every case to a destruc-
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more by the inferences drawn from the use of Lister's antiseptic system
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of Diseases of the Skin in the University of Pennsylvania. With Micro-
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accompanies the condition. Even this is best done by irrigatbg te
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gave birth to twins, a boy and girl, who only lived a few hours ; then in
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Hippocrates, 1 and by Celsus 2 who followed closely in his footsteps. These
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frequent examinations and of a ''red test" The immediate wiflidrtval
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preventive point of view, the wife, mother, or houadceeper should know
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was free from all infection. He is now wearing an artificial eye without