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is, pus may either be discharged from a free surface or it may collect
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tract. All of these manifestations are grouped under the term
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early diagnosis of individual cases may give warning of a possible
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and no symptoms developed until a few years later, when lesions
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acts as a bacteriostatic agent, and with 1 mg of thymol
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I. Catheterism may, with adults, take the place of tracheotomy
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present encourages one to hope that renal glycosuria may yet
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this possible, the probability is that in many instances a pre-existing
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swelled its number by hundreds of others ; printed words of
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lated, and most clearly determined expression of that diathesis which cannot
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results is that of Barrett. This test is performed by adding 0.6 ml
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serum dilutions covering the range from V*/ to 1/1024
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transfer the tubes at once to water at room tempera-
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several minutes, after which time any remaining fluid
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have to wait for some time before titration would lose
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cases, the field of vision is being gradually obscured from above
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vaccine. Autopsy material from any sharp outbreaks of undiag-
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many unclassified vibrios, that may be isolated from feces or
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have been described. The character of the exudation explains the clinical
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by repeated washing of the rickettsial organisms. This process
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stance A, which is to be determined, is estimated from the volume
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and fresh soil, will again resemble the true or original type. Vibrios when grown
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The trustees of the Philadelphia College have just purchased
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rial. The results are well known. The total inability of what is
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which the characteristic features of the fever are present but are of
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of treatment, especially in dangerous forms of the disease (namely, those
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of the disease must be complicated with those engendered by
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again as a secondary fever develops, when suppuration takes place at
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character and quality of the graduates of these outside schools.
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The remedies that may be thus indicated I shall not attempt to
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He told us how in former years we had carefully followed the
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have been traced to this agency. The sufferers are mostly to be found
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The boxes should be stored in a larger box or jar containing
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n. Results: Gram positive bacteria stain blue. Gram negative
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water. The mixture is centrifuged or filtered through