104.3° ; pulse 136. Tongue presented the character of a strawberry tongue ;
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nourishing food, especially raw meat, by mild exercise, l^ cantioa
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if energetically carried out, may induce slight haemoptysis, giddinesi, and
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2&th. 0. D. S. ID. V. = . S. 3 D.. showed a slight increase in pres-
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operation in all cases to the operation alone. Passing down the column,
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mine the true relations of the infrequent disease I have described, it will
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iodoform might be made with advantage in the form of a small dredging box,
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particularly pernicious in just this class of cases.]
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intestinal peristalsis. When used for this purpose, about one-half the above
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clavicle, or a little nearer its sternal end. Only a few drops of blood escaped.
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me under the skin. This may be repeated every two or three days,
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the cause of the waste. It might be due (1) to deficient quantity of nutrition,
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siders the theories hitherto advanced as to the production of this condition. It
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System, and is written by Dr. John A. Wyeth, of New York. The author
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ing dimness of vision. Admitted to hospital March, 1872. In May he had
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3^8, as the taste is disagreeable, this may be stopped and then the treat-
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tables, however. The old theory that meat must be greatly reduced or
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employed for a long time before mudb benefit can be seen. Our dmot
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The complications observed may be grouped in the following manner : —
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(6-12 oz.) of warm Carlsbad Mtihlbmnnen on an empty stomach often
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tion, and a large abdomen. In erethic cases we should give milk in all
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dmieal report 1^ the Editor, ''The Vicious Circle in Oral Sepsis,"
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weight he gives 6. 91" as the mean time of circulation. In giving these