eerambled, in omelet, added to vegetables, etc.) are not only permissible
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foetus was obtained a few hours after the abortion of a tuberculous woman
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^ears later. Of 186 cases operated upon for duodenal ulcer Moynihan
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that the intestine was already perforated, and that purulent peritonitis existed.
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referred by the writers to this displacement, but in which its existence
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fair complexion, came under treatment January 26, 1883. When six
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Removal of the Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes for Chronic Ovaritis, Ovarian Dys-
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In the article on the acute forms of pericarditis several goodwood-cuts are
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potassium, sodium, or lithium iodide (see p. 72), or in the recent iodine
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dosage in most instances was too large, or the subject unfitted by some
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brethren will admit — characterise the estimable author.
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febrin, phenacetin, or lactophenin. It is best to give tiiem 2-3 Itoias
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lU^ and kept there. After 1&-20 minutee he is put to bed and rubbed
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obtained very slowly and with difficulty, especially in aneemic individuals,
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no known specific treatment, our therapy must be purely symptomatic.
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A glance at this classification shows at once that the aim in distinguish-
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individuals have an intolerance for milk. Others have to take it at first,
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either as sodium benzoate (4 G. (1 dr.) a day), or as lithium benzoate
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Brigham Hospital, has been able to treat s£tfely and successfully pncn-
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Med. Rev., vol. i.) : "Many, perhaps by far the larger number, of the
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internal remedies. He declares he never had any venereal complaint since,
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at once to forget. It is fortunate that the most of the much read is far
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to be ; for he says, " No attempt has been made to make it a systematic
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Dr. Simpson (physician to the hospital) uses a belladonna plaster over the
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usually found necessary to remove the patella, its anterior covering of periosteum
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various forms of dyspepsia which so often accompany chlorosis. In
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1 me arseBQic I interropt it frequently for 1 or 2 weeks.