It was opaque, yellowish- white in colour, soft and friable, and about the

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2. That it stands in intimate relationship to the convulsions of childhood and

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consciousness ; his mind was unusually active, and incidents long forgotten

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cerebellum. Dr. Stephen MacKenzie points out how often blows on the

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cirrhosis of the liver ; in these cases it is probable that the involvement of

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Surgery in Yale College, New Haven, Connecticut . •. . .154

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only vegetable food in pur6e form (mashed potatoes, rice, spinach, farina,

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being, if possible out of doors, and selected according to the vigor, situa-

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in the excretion of the solid constituents of the urine, a thickening of

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r champagne and mineral water frozen to a f rapp6. If these measures

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sure, and after some time the circulation may cease. Paracotoin is a weaker

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patient was awakened by an attack of dyspnoea with precordial distress

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as an example of cold: PreMau, Bilin, Fadungen, and Obanlsbraim.

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diabetes comes muscular work. Experiments (Eiilz, Zimmer, von

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Some Recent Progress in Diseases of the Nervous System. By Talbot Jones, M.D.

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beana, and substitutes for meat which contain neither nudein nor ex-

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and those who are exposed at this time rarely escai>e the disease. It is,

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seems to indicate that they increase the secretion of gastric juice^ impnm

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those hygienic cares, and because, normally, during the long night, the slow move-

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advisable to suspend the drug for a week or ten days following each

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movement in this slow-moving reform of hospital construction and manage-

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[Although the anomaly in the subjoined case may differ somewhat from