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Sanatorium, capacity 40, $25 a week, Dr. F. M. Pottenger, 16 miles east
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CkiASsmoATioK or MmsaAii Wata» : Simple Caifoonated Waters. —
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or cocoa or malt-coffee may be added. Moser allows milk, barley gruel,
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must principally depend upon the discipline of his mind. All his mental
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may easily cause a reflex closure of tiie glottis with very serious effects
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tering relief to the sick poor, at their homes, in different countries.
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The first proposition may be said to be entirely unproved. When it is
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impaired, but- where the symptoms are prolonged the blood after death
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for example, when he pronounces a disease of the skin to be non-contagious,
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^eet upon the urine and all agree that it increases the urinary output
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skin more especially), in individuals whose sources of nutrition have un-
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the cutaneous vessels, the nervous centre is reflezly stimulated, the
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throat and neck seems to have attracted the special attention of the ancients.
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as a central or a reflex disorder, and ingeniously offers an explanation for
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The liver was slightly enlarged, and painful on pressure in the scrobiculum
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gyrus, the dura exposed and 20 cc. of spinal fluid is r^noved by lumbar
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the nerves from the infected part, because tiie toxin probably ascends hj
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urges strong objections against the theory that during sleep the whole
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the oculo-motor and of the left trochlearis and abducens.
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involve both the motor and the visual tracts, where they cross in the in-
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needed by a man of average weight, who is doing only very light work,
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He does not remember to have seen appearances similar to those described in
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early; but where the incurved apex cannot be rectified, the child is
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minute dose, and following this with doses of gradually increasing axt
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or sound side, but could not be seen on the right (see Fig. 9). With the
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