the breast, refused to nurse. Upon being laid down it whined, and
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physical examination. Ipecac is still recommended by many phyadsM
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the double acid phosphates; and (2) an increased content of mag-
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any patient who shows evidence of involvement of the cerebral meninges
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the amount of restoration of physiological ability of the diseased nerve-
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Alienist and Neurologist. American Druggist. American Journal of Insanity.
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make these statements, inasmuch as I have divided for different affections,
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The chapter on drainage and water-supply, including the arrangement
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changes which have any bearing on the present paper, may be enume-
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as to whether the child generally lay in her arms while asleep, she said,
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Massage is often supposed to stimulate gastric secretion, although this
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of the vasomotor system. The choice of the preparation is ccmiparativdy
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7th. 8 A. M., 981° ; chill, 10.40 A.M. ; 1 P. M., 103° ; 5 P. M., 104°.
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axilla, under the left arm, and obliquely across the back to the ri^
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to inflammation of that membrane. In the second case, the operation
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advises touching the necrotic tissues in scarlet-diphtheria with a 1 : 1000
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Marienbad (all iron and alkaline4nline waters), or Eissingen (eomiDoo
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different types will, of course, vary, and they may vary somewbet ia
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ue. It is particularly hdpfol when chronic constipati<»i is ccnnplicated
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reaction, (c) a negative spinal fluid examination, (d) a complete nega-
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Diet. — ^The diet should f rcmi the very beginning be as natritaons m
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they emerge from the brain, and more especially as they approach the
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breathless climbing of innumerable flights of stairs and exhausting walks,
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sal and not tendineal. It was not to be confounded with true crepitus,
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200 G. (7 oz.) strawberries, gooseberries, mulberries, raspbeniss^
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noticed difficulty in smelling on the left side for twenty years past, depen-
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Bichloride of Methylene : Used in Junker's Inhalator. By Jno. H. MoIntyre,