The next morning the joint was greatly swollen, tender to the touch, and pain-

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Ihe special measures to be taken against the manifold complications

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prepared, and which, as the experience with wood-wool shows, I feel confident

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duty possible, not including the treatment of the sick, and if one medical

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bicarbonate of soda is his choice. The dose is 0.5-2.0 G. ('t^r^ ff^-)

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In a very graphic manner Peter directs attention to what he believes to

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ease ; indeed most ravenously. I then changed the pressure from the parietal to

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term traumatic diffuse aneurism, the condition it is intended to describe

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A micro-photograph is a microscopic picture of an object which can be seen by

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2.30 seventeen ounces, and at 6.30 sixteen ounces. Thirst intense ;

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After persevering manipulation, I relieved the displacement to a marked

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will not the absence of symptoms of syphilis in most cases of aneurism in-

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certainly not susceptible of transmission by contagion, and hence an im-

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modic noise, great horror of countenance, and throwing the hands about.

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all infections of the teeth and gums, of the accessory sinuses, and of fle

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1)& ounces of lactose 180 2 ounces of cream 120

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but its effect is doubtiess partly due to its freedom from bacteria

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recall numerous instances, before this subject attracted my attention, that

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1. The recognition of the bicipital groove, empty. This, which was

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are multiple, it is impossible to connect definite symptoms with each. If

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Case 14. Male, set. 69, was admitted to la Charite Hospital, Berlin, four

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tions, etc., may be given in addition to hydropathic measures. Stimulants

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Tabetic Symptoms: with Remarks. By Charles H. Burnett, A.M., M.D.,

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trivance, as it keeps up a steady heat for from four to five hours. Ike

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sible into the water-closet. If the pQts de chambre become soiled they should be