tube passing from the origin of the psoas muscle to its insertion.

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series of seventeen experiments made on dogs with an average body

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in some diseases of the intestine it often has a salutary effect Spaitiiag

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is absorbed and excreted by the urine, as Albertoni proved on himself. The

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By Lennox Browne, F.R;C.S. Ed., Senior Surgeon to the Central Throat

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In the main I am disposed to agree with this gentleman, except so far

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most famous winter resorts for bronchitis patients are Madeira, Algien^

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Special Therapy of Cunioallt Diffebbnt Forics op Diabbtb:

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On account of its rather bet^ taste, the oleum morrhua aromatioum

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50*^, both relative and absolute, than would be accounted for by altitude

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1-3 drops daily until we have reached 50 or even 60-100 drops. Tlue

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and Accommodation than to most other parts of the work. The directions

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followers. This subject has been admirably discussed by Barwell, who has

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even of a slight grade, we have recourse to heart stimulants and m

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some single joint remains affected after the rest of the body has been

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believes that he has been able to extract this fluid from the human placenta.

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tive rei>eated on the first, second, fifth and fourteenth days following a

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Catheterization — ^Irrigation. — ^A very important practical point is

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which a long standing albuminuria disappeared after meat proteins

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( and jdJ jjj in. in diameter. Spores or unstained roundish areas also existed in

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only a few have to be fed by nurses. If one observes the patients at

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and to protect the patiait by a scre^L In very damp, raw periodi d

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with a smaller dose and gradually increase up to tolerance. Despite

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treatment of diabetes. Most authors agree that it produces a diminutioii

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All venereal sores and every suspicious extragenital leaion exact a

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and hence are formed the flaky curdy masses so often associated with this

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and pupils contracted. Toward the close of life there was fever with delirium,

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commissure, if the occiput is under the parietal bone, it will be found to yield,