valve, but larger. Entangled in the valve was a quantity of quite recent,

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the short case of Charlotte Fuller, admitted on the 1st of January, with

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avoided, lest a thinned part of the perineum may rupture, but moderate

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drug until the full therapeutic action is apparent. He gives 4000 units

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patient with syphilis shoidd be allowed to cease treatm^it until after

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lation by reducing the number of pulsations of the heart, but that never-

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be discovered for the difference. It will be observed that a somewhat

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the left external rectus, together with headache, anaesthesia of the right side of

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Therapy of a Single Attack. — ^Pseadocronp is essentially a diseasa

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list for the first time in this edition, while numerous cross references-facili-

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not in accordance with microscopical experience. \Ve must either suppose

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women, who, hearing him sing, were charmed and came running around him.

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Autopsy. — An old apoplectic cyst the size of a walnut was found in the right

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and there is certainly a condition, first studied by Desormeaux, and well

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ahhoQfi^ iron has no effect, lavage is most suceessfuL Pick found that

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of specific gravity 1035, and gave a full sugar reaction." The interesting

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The paragraphs devoted to microscopes and lenses, naturally, contain

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roxylon coca as an adjuvant of Other remedies employed in the treatment

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anatomist as Professor Agnew, to whom the case was submitted for criti-

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dent. The support of the tendon being withdrawn, this was to be expected. 3

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is given in the second part of the book, but it misses a condemnation of

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cucumbers, green salads, potatoes, peas, string beans, turnips, nnafe-

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at first, by means of calomel and rhubarb, and afterwards by the compound

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of it unchanged, is rapidly eliminated throned the urine and feces.

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