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or its radiation backward toward the occipital lobe ; 3 in the medullary

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catharsis. If the x>atient has not had a movement for several days, give

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recent wounds or on ulcerated surfaces is entirely inimical to repair." Not

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the child, is expelled with, and as an integral part of, the placenta. 2. The

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pulse small, rapid, and somewhat irregular; bowels regular; urine sparse,

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(0.2 Q. (3 gr.) to 150 cc. (5 oz.) of water) or silver nitrate (0.1 Qt.

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for the summer 70^ to 76^. The winters are cold and the summers cool

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bleeding has been stopped for twenty-four hours, solids may be very

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author believes there was a small hemorrhage at the nuclei of origin of the third

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absorb large amounts of fat, but not as much as normal indifidoili;

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tomicum, published at Geneva in 1717 (subsequent to the first edition of Mr. Cowper's

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may be added insufficiency in the auriculo-ventricular valves.

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triangle. The edges of the wound were then carefully brought together

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many individuals with diabetes of a light grade may be so fat that they

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differentiated that their combination prevents the free use of either ; and

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constitute one of the most valuable features of the book, especially for

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and dermatitis have lasted for a certain length of time, papillomatous projec-

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Therapeutic Indications in Primary Chronic Gastritis.— The thenpj

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from very trivial causes. Each time that she felt anew the localized pain, she

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phenomena, and also how and what to particularly observe. It is divided

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tary surgeon and basing his deductions upon the army data of the "British